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The following series of products are displayed in the sample showroom

1) Windows Tablet PC 2 in 1 series: 10.1 inch Windows Tablet, 11.6 inch Windows Tablet, 12.6 inch Windows Tablet, 14.1 inch Windows Tablet    

2) Windows Laptop PC Yoga series: 11.6 inch Yoga laptop, 13.3 inch Yoga laptop, 14.1 inch Yoga laptop

3) Windows Laptop PC Clamshell series: 11.6 inch windows laptop, 14.1 inch windows laptop, 15.6 inch windows laptop, 8 inch Portable touch screen laptop, 16 inch +14 inch Dual screen laptop  

4) Android Tablet PC series: 13 inch Android Tablet PC,11.97 inch Android Tablet PC, 10.95 inch Android Tablet PC,10.51 inch Android Tablet PC, 10.36 inch Android Tablet PC,10.1 inch Android Tablet PC, 8.4 inch Android Tablet PC, 8.0 inch Android Tablet PC, 7.0 inch Android Tablet PC

5) Kids Tablet series: 10.1 inch Kids Tablet, 8.0 inch Kids Tablet, 7.0 inch Kids Tablet

6) Rugged tablet series: 7 inch Android Rugged tablet, 8 inch Android Rugged tablet,10.1 inch Android Rugged tablet, 8 inch Windows Rugged tablet, 10.1 inch Windows Rugged tablet

7) Windows Mini PC series: Windows Mini PC– 15W, Windows Mini PC– 28W/45W, Windows Mini PC– 28W, Windows Mini PC– 45W

8) All In One Desktop Computer PC / All-in-One (AiO) PCs / Desktops & All-In-Ones / All In One PC / All In One Computers / AIO PC

9) Live Streaming Tablet

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